In-Home Services

Services that assist your loved ones and family members better able to care for themselves in their own home.

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Consumer Directed Services

A program that allow an individual to direct his or her own personal care services.

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Advanced Personal Care

Advanced Personal Care and Respite Care Services for you and your family.

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About Us

We uniquely go above and beyond the normal care by providing customized care plans to meet you and your family members needs.

About Unique Inventive Strategies for Home Care

Unique Inventive Strategies for Home Care has a professional Social Worker with 14 years of experience in mental health and long term nursing care with elderly and handicapped individuals.  This company is unique in the sense that we have a social worker available for you, counseling, resources, prayer and any other services within her scope.

Our social worker will help facilitate additional home health care referrals such as physical and occupational therapy and medical equipment.  We are also able to refer our clients to medical physicians and a podiatrist who make home visits.

We are dedicated to meeting you where you are, with our registered nurse whose background is in long-term nursing care.

We uniquely go above and beyond the normal care by providing customized care plans to meet you and your family members needs.

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What is In-Home Care?

People who would like to stay in their home and community with the assist of supportive services may be eligible for home and community services, if certain requirements are met. Services available in Missouri are funded through Medicaid, other insurances and private pay.


Our desire is to provide the best services and care for you and your family.

Personal Care Services

      Services Include:

  • Dietary
  • Dressing and Grooming
  • Bathing and Personal Hygiene
  • Toileting and Continence
  • Mobility and Transfer
  • Self Administration of Medicines
  • Medically Related Household Tasks


Homemaker Chore Services

      Services Include:

  • Prepare Meals
  • House Cleaning/Tidying
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Bedding
  • Laundry
  • Shopping
  • Correspondence Assistance


Advanced Personal Care

      Services Include:

  • Ostomy Hygiene
  • Catheter Hygiene
  • Bowel Program
  • Aseptic Dressing
  • Non-injectible Medicines
  • Passive Range of Motion
  • Assistive Transfer Devices



How to Qualify for In-Home Care

To qualify for In-Home health care and home and community based services differs among programs. Most programs have functional and financial requirements you must meet. A free Assessment must be completed to determine if you meet the functional eligibility requirements of the program that would best assist you to live independently. Certain programs may require medical documentation to support your functional eligibility.

This is a Medicaid Funded program, financial eligibility for Medicaid funded programs is determined by the Family Support Division (FSD). Income limits may be adjusted annually. An eligibility provision called Medicaid Spenddown help some individuals whose incomes are higher than the income limit.

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